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OnPassive AI

ONPASSIVE has now reached more than 110K Founder members and will be launching soon. 

It is really important to mention that if you are currently a Free member (pending Founder), please make sure that you upgrade soon, to ensure that you qualify for any future matrix payments…

Read on below for a reminder of what we are about and the near future…

OnPassive has a range of cutting edge, real products, digital tools and services to help anyone to promote their business online, extremely effectively.

All of our members will become customers of these products and we will also be able to sell access to these to others.

Details of these tools are currently only available at this stage to the Founder members, including the impending launch of a ground breaking webinar hosting platform, which will offer cutting edge features above and beyond Zoom and other well known names. Webinars will be especially prevalent in the post Covid 19 era, where travelling to meetings will be either discouraged or banned.

Onpassive ecosystem
Here is an overview of our Products, Tools and Services.

At present OnPassive is in the final stages of building and is still at the pre-Launch stage. As at 6th July we had 114,650 Founder members and this figure continues to grow on a daily basis (~1000/day). This level of membership will actually ensure that OnPassive will rapidly achieve status as a Unicorn company.

It could well become one of the worlds largest companies, that is run by it’s members and it is not out of the question to compare the potential of this company with certain other well known “household name” IT giants.

Many people do not realise, that with OnPassive there is also a company 3×10 matrix, that all members automatically enter when they join OnPassive as Founders. For those who are not familiar with this, a matrix is a network marketing term and refers to a recognised industry rewards structure.

It means that when you join OnPassive as a Founder member, you are placed in the Company’s matrix and at some point in the future will make commissions accordingly. The amount of commissions that you will receive, will depend on when you started with OnPassive and importantly when you upgraded to become a Founder member.

If you are considering joining, but are waiting to see how Onpassive develops, that is of course entirely your choice, but I need to make you aware that over 500 people are upgrading as Founder members each day, its a fact! The sooner you become a Founder member, the sooner you will lock in your matrix position. Otherwise people who join this after you, but who then upgrade before you, will be ahead of you in the matrix placement.

Founder membership is still available and costs 97 USD.

During the last webinar, it was announced that Founder positions will soon be closing and the regular membership price will also be increasing to 149 USD.

Join OnPassive Here!

Please contact me on any OnPassive questions:

Godwin Ukeje +2347038441472, +447466947069

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OnPassive – The new Automated Marketing platform, driven by Artificial Intelligence

This is an incredible opportunity to be among the Founding members of this AI-based system that will change how we use the internet from 2020.

Very soon, the ONPASSIVE AI Automated Marketing platform will launch.

ONPASSIVE will not be just another online program or a fly by night “opportunity” but a major force within Internet Marketing and online commerce for many years to come.

OnPassive will offer a comprehensive and growing suite of highly effective marketing Products, Tools, Software & Services, designed for online marketing success. OnPassive is set to become a household name within the marketing industry. OnPassive gives you all the tools you need for guaranteed web traffic to your website or app, plus a passive earning program that is truly remarkable.

OnPassive is 100% automated through the use of artificial intelligence.

The ONLY way to join OnPassive at pre-launch is through the GoFounders program.

Learn more how you can build and achieve financial freedom with a recurring income. Please view the presentation. It will give you all the details you need to make an informed decision on whether or not to get involved with OnPassive.

Click here for further information about Onpassive

So far, thousands of leaders have joined OnPassive and this figure is growing daily, ensuring you will not be left on your own. You will be alongside and working with some of the liveliest minds out there in Internet Marketing.

OnPassive offers the following:

  • Guaranteed Unique Visitors to your web page(s)
  • Leading Edge Marketing Tools
  • Hands Free Automation
  • Residual income stream
  • Artificial Intelligence AI
  • An Ethical and Clean Solution

Founder membership position for OnPassive is currently at 90% discounted one time $97, but only during prelaunch; expiring very soon.

“Founder membership” means just that – you will be a member of OnPassive ahead of everyone else who joins after the launch date, which is rapidly approaching.

Founders occupy a priority position or placement at the top of the matrix and to enjoy from the automated campaigns and global affiliates (global customers to OnPassive AI tools).

Click here for further information about OnPassive

I am not employed by OnPassive – Like over 100,000 others I am a founder member. I will be pleased to help you in any way possible to get started, should you also wish to become a Founder member of Onpassive.

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