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15 mins Audio Presentation

It is said that the most dreams come true to those who have the fervor to see them through. Adding brilliance to this power is having the right business opportunity in the hand. Welcome to the Nuevergold International!

We are diversified business corporation with a balanced portfolio in various sectors. We at Nuevergold International, insures the quality and standard assurance for our customers and investors. The group is led by very experienced team of experts of the industry. We are one of the World’s upcoming business house with multiple business activities across the world.


Nuevergold was founded in 2003 in Germany by a team of experience expert in the industry of network marketing, making it about 15 years in Direct Selling business.

Nuevergold has proven to have the best and most lucrative weekly pay (compensation) plan ever in the history of the industry.

It’s NEW, it’s simple, it’s affordable, its it’s easy!

Nuevergold is a health-based and the efficacy of the products is second to none.
The products are magical, and your experience will convince you. Nuevergold products have shown to be rapidly efficacious over a wide range of common health challenges.

Question: What do people want in product companies?

Ans: Efficacy of the products which then drives the pay plan.

Nuevergold puts so much money in your bank account every Friday.


NUEVERGOLD® Products are ISO-certified and manufactured under strict supervision of FSSAI, USDA, FDA, HACCP, WHO-GMP, and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). They are NAFDAC approved. The manufacturing processes are essential to maintaining the safety, integrity and efficacy of all NUEVERGOLD Certified products.

Nuevergold International has brought forward purely HERBAL based and ORGANIC sourced products from the rich Ayurvedic medicine of India. Products are manufactured in India.



The Natural Anti-diabetic

● Balances blood sugar level
● Highly effective in Diabetes treatment
● Contains 11 most powerful herbs in diabetic control
● Protect cells from being destroyed by HIV-infected T-cells (Good for HIV patients)
● Boost anti-tumour/anticancer activity by activating cellular immunity (Fights Cancer)
● Reduces the effects of mental & physical stress, fatigue, tension, depression & anxiety (Combats Stress)
● Clears free radicals that cause cancer, diseases and other illnesses.
● Prevent and treat cold, sore throat and fight infections.


Cardiac & Immune Booster

● 100% immune system booster
● Helpful in heart related diseases and arthritis
● Improves sleep quality (tackles Insomnia)
● Improves hemoglobin count (for Anaemia)
● Improves eye problems
● Relieves burning feet syndrome
● Overcomes nutritional deficiencies
● Treats cold, sore throat and fight infections
● Improves white blood cell count (also strengthens the immune system)
● Improves muscles and tissues (body builder)
● Contains chlorophyll offering high level of energy via oxygen transport.


The Natural Cardiovascular Health Optimizer

● Optimizes essential fatty acids
● It reduces high blood pressure
● Promotes cardiovascular health by ensuring vascular integrity, hence lowering the risk of heart diseases (atherosclerosis) that causes hypertension, stroke and heart attack.
● Improves the circulation of blood and normalizes the disturbed rhythms of the heart
● Reduces shortness of breath and is helpful in asthma
● It is also good for eye disorders and effective against pneumonia and other lower respiratory tract infections
● Inhibits abnormal blood-clotting & help lower blood cholesterol levels
● Supports healthy nervous system function
● Anti-cancer
●Increases oxygen flow to heart and purifies the blood
● Fights early signs of ageing (anti-ageing).

Various factors such as stress, junk foods, indigestion and modern drugs are common causes of hyper-acidity leading to accumulation of gas, heaviness in the stomach after food, nausea, vomiting, abdominal discomfort, gastric reflux, peptic ulcer, colitis, constipation, etc. Aversion to food and loss of appetite can also be symptoms of excess acid production.

Natural GIT and Cardio Health Improvement

FLUSH Toxy Tea is a combination of high quality herbs that boost metabolic rate especially fat metabolism and thus prevent fat accumulation (Natural Weight Loosing).

The main benefits are:
● Relaxes stomach and prevents gastric hyperacidity
● Promote healthy digestion
● Treats bad breath & aids in detoxification
● Relieve from constipation
● Prevent flatulence and bloating
● Relieves indigestion and abnormal feeling of fullness
● Reduces stress and bodily toxins
● Relieves irritable bowel syndrome and Crohn’s diseases.


Natural Sexual Booster
Natural Fertility Enhancer (with Suwage)

● Increase male and female sexual performance and boost libido
● Prevent premature ejaculation
● Restores fertility and balances hormones
● Prevent fatigue and increase energy
● Improves/stabilizes mood and reduces stress
● Increases learning and sharpens the memory (memory enhancer)
● Highly effective immune booster
● Boosts sexual arousal in menopausal women. Use with caution here!
● Treat menstrual pain and balance hormone (tackles menstrual irregularities)
● Helps build muscular strength (body building)
● Increases athletic performance (stamina)
● Increases sperm count and motility (improves male fertility)


Natural Weight Looser & Anti-Rheumatism

● Maximum remedy for Obesity (overweight)
● Fights depression and balances mood
● Promoting the beautiful skin (skin care)
● Relieves rheumatism (OA, RA and Gout)
● Tackles cough and colds (also an anti-cold)
● Boosts immune system
● Treats ulcers and normalizes blood pressure
● Effective in treating chronic constipation
● Relieves menstrual cramps
● Helps you enjoy a good night’s sleep
● Helps lower bad cholesterol levels.


Apart from the 6 available products mentioned earlier, we also have Nuevergold nukky soaps in three (3) varieties to keep your skin smooth and healthy all day long.

Other products like the Indigo (Anti-malaria) Tea, Rozy Tea, Fat Plus Formula, Flat Tummy Cream, Easyway Detox Foot Patch, Super Formula Tea, Akshion Tea and Perfume are currently undergoing production and packaging stage in India and United States as the case may be, and we shall announce to everyone when the products arrive in the nearest future and that will happen very soon as we have already concluded plans to expedite the clearing process to enable the products to become readily available to everyone.

Let’s talk about the COMPENSATION PLAN


》First ever PURE Herbal Curatives for over 50 diseases, with WHO-GMP sourced from India

》30% sponsoring bonus irrespective of your start up capital

Whereby the package you come in with does not limit your sponsoring bonus, even if you come in with the lowest package of 25k.

For Example; if you come in with the smallest package of 25k and someone comes under you with the biggest package of 600k, you will still get your 30% Direct Referral of 180k, with just that 25k.

Even when your team member upgrades, you get the difference of the 30% sponsor bonus from his upgrade including the pairing bonuses. Amazing!

》No balancing of legs (earn, qualify for incentives with just one leg)

》Weekly, Monthly and Yearly Payments

》Upto 900,000 per week within your first 3 months (just follow the road map)

》Huge (Repurchase) Income of over 10million naira monthly within your first 18months

》Two different ways to earn repurchase income (Residual Income)

》Yearly Retirement Bonus of upto 40 million naira, if you qualify.

》No compulsory buying, selling, or autorship.

》No FLUSHING OUT of points (points carried over)

》No promo periods for upgrades (anytime upgrade, pay difference and get products worth)

》No time-frame for Car/Trip Qualification

》5 different luxury CAR awards as you rank up

》3 different HOME rewards as you rank up

》No 5th pair product exchange (no gift cheque)

》Weekly pay DIRECTLY to any bank account of your choice (no account linking process)

》Qualify for trip incentives and come along with your spouse, even if your spouse is not a member. Also get a cash incentive of N500,000 cash and N1million cash, as the cash bonus for the National and International all expenses paid trips, respectively.

》First ever German company in Africa with HIGH QUALITY herbal products sourced from India.

For an appointment to meet with the pioneers,
Call/WhatsApp +2347038441472 or
WhatsApp Only +447466947069


DIRECTOR = N25,000
You Get Reg. Kit + products worth N33,000

EMERALD = N50,000
You Get Reg. Kit + N66,000 worth of products

SAPPHIRE = N150,000
You Get Reg. Kit + N196,000 worth of products

RUBY = N600,000
You Get Reg. Kit + N792,000 worth of products

15 mins Audio Presentation

10 Ways To Earn in Nuevergold

Nuevergold uses a hybrid compensation plan with 10 ways to earn;

  1. 20% Product Retail Profit
  2. 30% Direct Sponsorship Bonus
  3. 10% Matching Pooling Bonus
  4. 21% Overriding Team Commission
  5. 40% Leadership Development & Rank Advancement Bonus
  6. 2% Travel & Cash Rewards
  7. 2% Car Awards
  8. 2% Home Rewards
  9. 2% Retirement Rewards
  10. 2% Global Hero Awards

Company Price = CP
Retail Price = RP

You earn a profit when you retail Nuevergold products according to the company’s retail rule.

👉 A bottle of 500ml oral (liquid) juice is sold to a distributor at ₦9,000 (CP) and you are to sell not less than ₦11,000 (RP) per bottle. You earn a profit of ₦2,000 per bottle of orals. You can still sell our highly effective orals at more than ₦11,000 per bottle, and still, make your money.

👉 A distributor repurchases a packet of Nuevergold Tea which contains 20 sachets inside at ₦5,000 and you sell it at ₦6,200 (RP) per packet. You earn profit of ₦1,200 per packet of tea.

Oral has 100PV
Tea has 50PV
Soap has 50PV.

Nuevergold rewards you with a 30% sign up bonus of anytime you directly sponsor a new member; and you can earn as high as ₦180,000 bonus for referring a new member who registers with the highest package (Ruby) irrespective of your package. This is so amazing! 😍💃🏽

For example, if you sponsor/refer a new member to register using you as his/her sponsor with either 25k, 50k, 150k or 600k, here is how much you will earn as direct sponsorship bonus:

• 25k 👉 ₦7,500 bonus
• 50k 👉 ₦15,000 bonus
• 150k 👉 ₦45,000 bonus
• 600k 👉 ₦180,000 bonus

If you come in with 25k, and recruit two 600k packages, it will be like this:

Direct Referral Bonus Left = 180k
Direct Referral Bonus Right = 180k
Pooling (pairing) bonus = 60k

Total instant earning = 420k

Someone who did 25k package can earn that in his first week if he gets two persons to do 600k each.

          You (25k)
 👩🏼‍🦰(600k)       👨🏽‍🦱(600k)

30% Sponsor Bonus: 180k + 180k = 360k
10% Pooling Bonus: 60k

Total: 420k (by referring just two persons)

This is the power of the 30% Sponsor Bonus.

Business Seminars hold Mondays and Wednesdays 11am prompt


Nuevergold network marketing is based on you having a left and right sales group.

👉 Nuevergold registration packages have different pooling points:
Director (25k) = 500 PP
Emerald (50k) = 1,000 PP
Sapphire (150k) = 3,000 PP
Ruby (600k) = 12,000 PP

👉 You will earn pooling points anytime you accumulate (multiples of) 500 PP on the left and also on the right group of your binary structure, either directly or indirectly (spill overs).

👉 For better understanding, if you (or your upline/downline) refer(s) a 25k member on your left leg, you have accumulated 500 PP waiting for pairing. If you (or upline/downline) register(s) another 25k member on the right, the system will match the two 500 PPs on both legs and pay you 10% of the pooling points = ₦2,500, which is 10% of the registration amount…

👉 If you refer a 50k member on the left and 50k member on the right, you will earn a 10% pooling bonus of ₦5,000 (10% of 50k)…

👉 But if you sponsor a 25k member on the left leg, and you sponsor a 150k member on the right, you have accumulated excess of 2,500 PP because the system will pay you 10% pooling bonus from the least amount on any of the legs, which is 25k, and the balance of the PP carried forward till the following week (No Flush Out).

👉 Your weekly maximum pairing bonus depends on your registration package because there is a certain amount you are limited to earn from the pooling (pairing) bonus in a month, but whenever you find out that you have done the business and have massive influx of registrations coming in daily, and you are sure of earning more than the maximum amount allowed, you then upgrade to a higher package (Anytime upgrade, no promo periods of upgrade).

Maximum weekly bonus for:
Director (25k) is ₦75,000
Emerald (50k) is ₦150,000
Sapphire (150k) is ₦300,000
Ruby (600k) is ₦900,000


The more product you and your team repurchases (buy from the company), the more income you can make through the product sales volume. Beginning with the month you become an Associate (500 PBV).

500 BV = 500 US Dollars

21% of 15,000 GBV = 21% of 15,000 USD


Earn upto 40% BV accumulation of your team members as they rank up. The more they rank up, the more you earn.



Once you achieve a NATIONAL LEADER by accumulating 50,000 GBV (Group Bonus Volume), and maintaining the same result for at least three consecutive months, the company rewards you with N500,000 cash PLUS all-expenses paid trip within Nigeria.

Once you achieve the rank of an INTERNATIONAL LEADER by accumulating 100,000 GBV (Group Bonus Volume) and maintaining the same result for at least three consecutive months, the company rewards you with N1,000,000 cash PLUS all-expense paid trip outside Nigeria.


  • 2% Car Award (5 cars ranging from N5m to N20m)
  • 2% Home Award
  • 2% Global Hero Award
  • 2% Retirement Yearly Award.


You need a business that you can retire in, after few years, instead of changing ship or starting another one. The growth curve is sinosoidal in shape and you will not be strong all through your life. Imagine retiring in a business and get paid upto 40 million yearly, doing nothing.

It can only be possible in Nuevergold kind of business.

WhatsApp +2347038441472 for details.



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