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Hemptonics USA

Hemptonics USA is a LLC that Manufactures the Most Powerful Water Based CBD Product on the Planet!

Currently expanding in Africa with offices in Nigeria, Pays Up to 7 Times Higher Commissions Than ANY MLM or other AFFILIATE PROGRAM!

Releaf Blend is:

  • 90% Blood Absorption using Nanotech and a Water Based CBD Hemp Oil.
  • 500 mg CBD Hemp Oil for Anxiety, Better Sleep and Health Support.
  • 100% THC FREE!
  • 3000 mg of Black Cumin Oil called the “Cure for Everything But Death!”
  • 3000 mg of Resveratrol referred to as the “Fountain of Youth”.
  • MCT Oil from Coconuts for Brain Health and Weight Loss Support.
  • All 78 Trace Minerals for Energy and Health!
  • Ashwagandha Root for Better Mood and Sexual Function-Fertility Support.
  • Beet Root with Vitamin C

Our Pricing and Quality GUARANTEE

We Guarantee that our Product is the Best Value in the World! With 90% blood absorption, Our CBD is 10 to 20 times more powerful than other CBD hemp oil. With the added ingredients our product is literally untouchable in the marketplace. Try it yourself and see! If you are not 100% convinced that Releaf Blend is the runaway value in the marketplace, simply return it. We will gladly refund your money.


With no legs to match and our incredibly high compensation, you will see real residual income! Our product is priced for a lifetime of repurchases! There simply isn’t a better CBD product in the world with so many benefits! Our Compensation plan pays you for life! As long as your affiliates buy, you get paid the same high commissions forever!

No more MLM games where you have to hype your over-priced product’s benefits and pray they renew next month! We are lower priced with better value than any other source of CBD Oil in the World! They simply cannot compete! 

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Our Affiliate Income Opportunity Destroys the Competition!

Hemptonics pays up to 7 times more income than ANY MLM or Affiliate Program!

  3. 25% Commissions on Your Personally Sponsored Affiliates! For Life!
  4. 25% Commissions on your Customers! For Life!
  5. 10% Commission Overide on your 2nd Level Affiliates! For Life!
  6. 5% Commissions Overide on your 3rd Level Affiliates! For Life!
  7. Leadership Bonus Pays $100 for every 100 bottles sold by your team in any given month!
  8. Presidential Bonus Pays $2000 for every 1000 bottles sold by your team in any given month!
  9. Infinity Bonus unlocks ALL Levels beneath your third tier!
  10. Free iPad Promotions
  11. Free Vacation Promotions!
  12. Free Car Promotions!
  13. MORE!!!
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