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Residual Income For Life

The reward plan is so so unlike the typical MLM system out there, that’s why a lot of network marketers, on seeing it, sign up immediately. That is also why those who are fed up with MLM see it as a new approach to word-of-mouth business and also come to it.

The first interesting thing about Hemptonics USA is that sign up is FREE. Such that even if you are yet to purchase your package, your back office will be running and a website created for you will be running. And people can sign up under you, and the money kept for you, then when you make your first purchase, all accrued money will be paid, and also continues. This does not happen in a typical MLM business.

Let me share some brief info on the make-up of the compensation plan.


*Affiliate: An Individual that functions as an Independent Contractor to sell Hemptonics USA Products in Return for Compensation.

*Tier: Level of Affiliate in Relationship to the Sponsor.

*Residual Income: Commissions and Bonuses paid on Sales to Affiliates that follow the initial purchase.

*Matching Legs: MLM Requirement that forces you to build Multiple Sales Teams in Order to Get Paid.

*Autoship: MLM Requirement that Forces You to Automaticaly Buy Product Monthly to Get Paid Commissions.

The Hemptonics USA Compensation Advantage Over MLM

  1. 25% Commissions on New Business and Residual for Your Personally Sponsored Affiliates
  2. No Matching Legs to Build. The Requirement to Build Multiple Legs is why 98% of Individuals Fail in MLM.
  3. No Autoship Requirement. Your Compensation should be based on your Sales, not on how much product you are forced to buy in order to get paid. Autoship is another reason why people fail in MLM. If your Product works, people will buy it on its own Merits and because it is Competitive in the Marketplace.
  4. 10% Commissions on New Business and Residual for your Second Tier Affiliates.
  5. 5% Commissions on New Business and Residual for Your Third Tier Affiliates.

In a typical Binary MLM the Commission is paid when two or more legs have matching volume. That payout is usually 10% of the Lesser Leg. This means 5% on ALL SALES IF you can Balance both legs. 99% of people never will. So, most Sales Volume is NEVER paid out by the MLM Company! You can make up to 7 TIMES more Compensation with the Hemptonics USA Affiliate Program!


In Addition to Regular Commissions Affiliate will Earn up to $1000 (N365,000) per Month in Leadership Bonus for All Monthly Sales Made by themselves and their First Three Tiers. This Bonus is $1 (N365) per Bottle Sold during the monthly qualifying period.


In addition to the LEADERSHIP BONUS, Hemptonics will pay up to $1000 (N365,000) in Additional Presidential Leadership Bonus for every 1000 bottles sold by the Affiliates and Their First Three Tiers.


When the Affiliate qualifies for Presidential Leadership 6 months in a row, they become eligible for the INFINITY PRESIDENTIAL LEADERSHIP BONUS. This means they get a matching Presidential Leadership Bonus for every 1000 bottles sold by an Affiliate on Tiers 4 – INFINITY!

Affiliate RANK ACHIEVEMENT Bonuses:

To Qualify for the Rank Achievement Bonuses Simply Achieve the Following Sales Volume During the Calendar Year.  Affiliate Maintains Achieved Rank for Life, but can only qualify once for the Rank.

Achievement Bonuses:

  2. SILVER: 100 bottles sold in group (First 3 levels) RANK BONUS: $50 (N18,250)
  3. GOLD: 250 bottles sold by Team: $250 (N91,250)
  4. PLATINUM: 500 Bottles Sold by Team : $500 (N182,500)
  5. SAPPHIRE: 750 bottles sold by Team: $750 (N273,750)
  6. EMERALD: 1000 Bottles Sold by Team : $1000 (N365,000) Bonus
  7. RUBY: 1500 Bottles sold by Team: $1500 (N547,500) Bonus
  8. DIAMOND ELITE: 5000 Bottles Sold by Team- $5000 (N1,825,000) Bonus
  9. DOUBLE DIAMOND EXCELSIOR: 10,000 Bottles Sold by Team – FREE CAR + $10,000 (N3,650,000) Bonus
  10. TRIPLE DIAMOND EXCELSIOR: 30,000 Sold By Team – $30,000 USD (N10,950,000)

Below is a video of the Compensation Plan discussed by the CEO, Paul Drockton.

  • Sign up is free and comes with a free website
  • Register and secure spot without making any payment, then pay later
  • Duly registered company with CAC and product with NAFDAC, and offices already Abuja, Lagos and Port Harcourt.

N 30,000
N 108,000
N 248,000


Please send all payments to the OFFICIAL COMPANY BANK ACCOUNT

Account Name – Hemptonics Global Limited
Bank Name – Zenith Bank
Account number – 1016345301 (Naira)
– 5071084030 (Dollar)
– 5080264812 (Euro)

– LION CUB – N 30,000 ($82) – Upto N500,000 monthly
– LION KIT – N 108,000 ($295) – Upto N1.8 million per month
– ROARING LION – N 248,000 ($679) – UNLIMITED income potential

After your payment, please send the copy of receipt, proof, or screenshot of evidence of payment to your sponsor or leader.

Proceed to registration with the Cashpin you will be provided.

After registration provide approved order form to your sponsor or leader

Approved Order Forms
Cash Pin:
Registration kit:
Amount paid:
Pickup or full shipping info:

For guidance please call or WhatsApp +234 7038441472

Get involved, USE and RECOMMEND the product to save a life TODAY
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