👉Natural Sexual Booster
👉Natural Fertility Enhancer (when combined with Suwage)

● Increase male and female sexual performance and boost libido
● Prevent premature ejaculation
● Restores fertility and balances hormones
● Prevent fatigue and increase energy
● Improves/stabilizes mood and reduces stress
● Increases learning and sharpens the memory (memory enhancer)
● Highly effective immune booster
● Boosts sexual arousal in menopausal women. Use with caution here!
● Treat menstrual pain and balance hormone (tackles menstrual irregularities)
● Helps build muscular strength (body building)
● Increases athletic performance (stamina)
● Increases sperm count and motility (improves male fertility)


Health benefits are;

》Weight Loss (antilipase activity) – it can help you shed excess weight.
》Hypertension (anti hypertensive activity) – it can help regulate your blood pressure
》T2 Diabetes (improvement of insulin resistsnce) – it can help improve clinical outcomes of people living with diabetes.
》Gastrointestinal disorders (constipation, diarrhoea, peptic ulcer disease)
》Treatment of constipation
》For cough and cold (antitussive effect)
》Stops diarrhea (anti diarrhoeal effect)
》Relieve inflammation (anti inflammatory effect)
》No more acne (clears pimple by reducing sebum production) – esp. when applied to the face
》Ease your menstrual cycle (stops excess bleeding, painful and irregular menses)
》Soothe your cough (antitussive)
》Anti cancer (study showed effect on lung cancer)
》Make Skin Glow
》Powerful antioxidant
》Antibacterial (eg. E.coli, acne causing org.)
》Anti-inflammatory (for body aches, pains)
》Anti-ageing (It may help prevent photoaging of the skin, esp. from sun burn)
》It may help reduce bodily toxins
》Aids in digestion
》Help reduce stress
》Improves sleep quality
》Help lower cholesterol
》Help ease symptoms of metabolic syndrome
》Can help manage blood sugar
》Can help you loose excess Weight
》Promotes good bone health
》It may help prevent heart disease

INGREDIENTS of Flush Toxy;



👉Natural Weight Looser
👉For All Kinds of Body Pain

● Maximum remedy for Obesity (overweight)
● Fights depression and balances mood
● Promoting the beautiful skin (skin care)
● Relieves rheumatism (OA, RA and Gout)
● Tackles cough and colds (also an anti-cold)
● Boosts immune system
● Treats ulcers and normalizes blood pressure
● Effective in treating chronic constipation
● Relieves menstrual cramps
● Helps you enjoy a good night’s sleep
● Helps lower bad cholesterol levels.



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