Artificial Intelligence has marked its presence in almost every industry and walks of life. It has not only been reducing the human interventions in various operations but also helping humans to do their job better.

Fields like Social Media, Consumer Electronics, Robotics, Travel and Transportation, Finance, Healthcare, Security, Surveillance, E-commerce, etc. are already benefiting from AI.

Digital Marketing and AI go hand-in-hand. In digital marketing, there is a massive requirement to process tons of data. Artificial Intelligence helps digital marketers to process data faster, which allows them to create digital strategies more efficiently.

The capabilities of AI in Digital Marketing are massive. Below are the ten ways AI is revolutionizing Digital Marketing.

#1 Online Advertising

Online advertising is one of the most crucial elements of digital marketing. It helps businesses to reach out to their target audience quickly.

A majority of online ads that we see today is run by a very complicated delivery system powered by Artificial Intelligence, which is called “Programmatic Advertising.”

The program facilitates the buying and selling of ad spaces. It conducts auctions where these ad spaces are sold and bought under milliseconds.

Before AI marketers were required to do intense research to figure out the right platform to market their business. Today, this research is done by AI, which reduces the load from marketers and allows them to focus on other important aspects of the digital strategy.

#2 Personalized User Experience

“Personalization is the new cool.” According to Evergage, 96% of marketers agree that personalization is the key to deliver a fantastic customer experience.

AI has made it possible to figure out the likes and dislikes, behavior patterns, interests, and activities of millions of people every day. It does it by collecting and analyzing user data while considering physiographic, demographics, devices, geographics, and more.

Higher the personalization better are the chances of conversion. Moreover, AI also helps to build better relationships with customers.

#3 AI-powered Chatbots

People often get confused between a standard Chatbot and an AI-powered Chatbot. AI-powered Chatbots are an advanced version of standard Chatbots.

Unlike standard Chatbots, AI-powered Chatbots humanely talk to users. Another advantage of these Chatbots is that they don’t get short-tempered when a user asks any question.

AI-powered Chatbots can respond to multiple customer queries at the same time. The automated response is so personalized that it can pursue any user to buy your products or services.

#4 Predictive Analysis

We know that AI is good at crunching numbers and analyzing data. AI uses statistical models and software to predict a customer’s future actions by studying their past behavior and characteristics.

This way, AI helps marketers to know more about their customers, such as what price do they expect of a particular product. Based on the data, AI can also predict what kind of features do customers expect in the product upgrade.

Marketers can leverage this data to create taglines and run campaigns such that it attracts more customers and increases the chances of conversion.

#5 Web Designing

Developing a website without knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript seems like an impossible thing. But, AI has made it possible. Popular website builders like Wix uses AI to build websites.

All we need to feed in is the content, call-to-action, images, and page layout. There you go, your professional website is ready to roll. and Dialogflow are free AI services offered by Facebook and Google, respectively, which developers can use to build websites.

#6 Content Generation

You might be wondering how it is possible? However, it’s true. AI can also generate content for your website, product, service, etc. Moreover, it can also write the content of a movie review for a news website.

By processing several TB of data and analyzing thousands of content, it can generate human-like content that helps you to engage users. Popular publications like Associated Press and Forbs are already making use of content generating tools like WordsmithQuill, and Articoolo.

#7 Content Curation

It is a proven truth that out of all marketing strategies, content marketing offers the highest return on investment. Two major aspects of content marketing are content generation and content curation.

Content is usually generated by getting inspired by other similar pieces of content. AI can also be used to search the content relevant to our topic of interest.

Tools like Concured and BuzzSumo are AI-enabled. They help you to search content that is currently trending and accordingly plan the future content, rebuild the existing content, schedule it, and then distribute it.

Netflix’s movie/tv show recommendations and Amazon’s product recommendations are great examples of AI-based content curation. It provides personalized user experience to its customers by showing them relevant content based on their interests.

Content generation is tough. According to Adobe, 47% of marketers believe that generating content on a large scale is tough. AI-enabled content curation can help them to produce content on a large scale faster.

#8 Email Marketing Campaigns

In this day and age of auto-generated emails, people are expecting personalized/tailor-made emails that are relevant to them. AI can help you send a customized email for your email marketing campaigns by analyzing user behavior and preferences.

AI analyzes thousands of GB of data to get the right title and subject line that grabs customers’ attention. It can also find the right time, day, and frequency to shoot the email, which further increases the chances of conversion.

#9 Voice Search Optimization

According to Gary Vaynerchuck, 1 in every 4 Google searches done via mobile is voice searches, which marks the importance and necessity of voice search optimization.

A marketer must stay aware of these revolutionary changes. Tools such as Google’s RankBrain, helps you to optimize your website for voice search. It will also help you increase the organic traffic coming from a regular search.

#10 E-commerce

Artificial Intelligence, if appropriately used, can bring massive impact to e-commerce business owners. Starting from building website and website content to providing product recommendations to managing inventory and providing customer support, AI can do everything.

AI also plays a crucial role in e-commerce sales forecasting, doing competitor market research, looking for customer search trends, and more.

Final Thoughts

Marketers need to understand the importance of AI in Marketing since it is going to be the next big thing in Digital Marketing and even sales.

The quick rise of AI development companies like ONPASSIVE is evidence that they are going to play a huge role in the software industry, similar to what mobile application development services played a decade back.

Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing is in a growing phase. It means that its effectiveness and efficiency are going to increase over time. If there is any right time to adapt AI for creating effective marketing strategies, then it is NOW.

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