If you are still confused about OnPassive, this would benefit you. I’ll try to explain it as easy as I can.

Lets imagine you sell wristwatches or pets (dog) as a business or offer services such as laundry, plumbing or professional services e.g. physiotherapist etc. Or you are promoting a business brand.

Traditionally you advertise these businesses, products or services on social media by opening a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter handle or LinkedIn account/page to market your business, product or services.

You try to build up an audience or followers on these pages or you could pay social media influencers to help advertise your products for a fee or paid advertising.

The problem with the above approaches are that, its quite difficult building and managing these pages manually and many give up along the way. They are expensive and the conversion rate (people who patronise you) is not guaranteed.

Whereas with OnPassive, these social media pages & accounts are opened, managed for you by ONPASSIVE using contents you’ve  uploaded….100% automated…100% handsfree.

Based on our online interactions, search & chat history (digital footprints) overtime, the internet knows everyone of us..what we like, what we want….With artificial intelligence, OnPassive uses its machine learning algorithms to learn from our data, locate the right target audience (customers) who are most likely to buy your products or services, markets it to them, thus greatly improving your conversion (success) rate.

OnPassive proprietary AI backed tools will help you increase revenue, and reduce costs spent on paid advertising compared to traditional (Non-AI) means of advertising.

What will drive millions into OnPassive will not be the mouth-watering compensation plan, but rather, it would be the effectiveness, cost and delivery of its proprietary artificial intelligence backed IT tools all within one ecosystem.

Becoming A Founder of OnPassive

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