It has been projected that Businesses around the world will have 75% of their Marketing budget spent on Internet Marketing by 2021.

So OnPassive is coming at the best time…to launch an AI-based IT tools for business automated internet marketing.

Imagine being an income sharer of this to-be Unicorn Company. Become a Founder Now with just $97 before the gate closes soon.

The PROJECT OneAFRICA has an immediate and long term business strategy.

What is Business Strategy?

A business strategy refers to the actions and decisions that a company takes to reach its business goals and be competitive in its industry. It defines what the business needs to do to reach its goals, which can help guide the decision-making process for recruiting and resource allocation.

We’ve got ways to help our members have an online presence…and also we recently coorpted an advanced Digital Marketing Tool backed up with Artificial Intelligence to increase sales for our team members.

These are set of Advanced IT tools for all our team members built in all in one ecosystem. This system is called OnPassive and its launching soon….and so we encourage all our team members to plug in and play so as to automate your business.

The life line of any business is SALES! simply put no sale, no business. Unfortunately this is what a lot of businesses and individuals struggle with, so the question remains how does your business survive?

Now, technology is in no doubt playing a major role in how businesses run and for businesses to survive in this present time which I will call post COVID-19 Era, they have to step up their game in adapting and integrating new technologies to their ways of doing things because it’s no longer business as usual.

I’m a firm believer of business automation and strongly believe that it’s the way to go. It’s simply embodies the truth of ‘Work smarter not harder’ little wonder why there has been a rise on the number of tech companies providing various services powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and for those already in the game, well numbers don’t lie. For example, Zoom subscribers grew from 10 million subscribers in Nov. 2019 to about 200 million subscribers in May 2020. That’s phenomenal!

A new tech company called ONPASSIVE is about to launch, with business solution tools that are mind blowing and set to revolutionize businesses across the world and how we use the internet. An excellent business solution ecosystem set to help grow our business to its fullest potential. And PROJECT OneAFRICA is a proud associate and Founder member.

I welcome everyone to become a Founder member before the gates closes.

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