OnPassive is currently offering Founder membership with a healthy 90% discount. The cost is a one time $97, during prelaunch.

As marketing campaigns begin from first week of July 2020, it will go up to $149 for those who still want to join GoFounders. This priority position will be no more available as the campaigns continue. So act fast!

“Founder membership” means that you will be a part of OnPassive in the early days. There are many people who believe that OnPassive could well become a household technology name, in which case it may be advantageous to join this at an early stage.

A Founder is like a shareholder of OnPassive holding a priority position. Most tech companies today have Founders who share in the profits.

 Make a difference – Get Involved

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If you are a committed online marketer and have like me, been waiting for something that finally aims to tick the boxes, like so many before it have failed to do, then please do yourself a favour and become a Founder member of Onpassive.

Help to set the standard, help to change things for the better and show people what you have been seeking for all these years.