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You may well have the best product or service in the world, with highly attractive features and benefits at the most competitive price. But, without an effective way of promoting your product or service, your product may as well not exist, as it will not be seen in the market by your target audience / customers.

We therefore need to effectively communicate, to successfully promote our products and services in the right way for today’s customers. This means using a mixture of the most up to date promotion tools, for today’s products, in today’s world of media.

The recipe for this Promotion mix can vary based on target markets, products and current trends, but this has not changed much over time. There are five major aspects to consider for use in the mix:

  • Advertising
  • Direct Marketing
  • Publicity
  • Sales promotion

and of course, Personal Selling

Business products and tools

Onpassive has products and tools that can help you to achieve all of the above key functions. These include, Click and build webpage creation, Domain name and hosting, SEO landing pages, Funnels, Email and Autoresponder software, Campaign software, ROI tracking, Rotators, Webinar hosting, Contact and tracking managers, Crowd funding tools and assistance. These are just for a start, we are still in pre-launch. There will also be many more features added over time.

Even personal selling can be enhanced, when for example, as part of your sales approach, you help or invite a potential client to visit a relevant part your personal Onpassive website.

 Make a difference – Get Involved

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If you are a committed online marketer and have like me, been waiting for something that finally aims to tick the boxes, like so many before it have failed to do, then please do yourself a favour and become a Founder member of Onpassive.

Help to set the standard, help to change things for the better and show people what you have been seeking for all these years.