Time for planning: 10mins max.

Benefits of planning
1. Finish your essay on record time
2. Flow with your ideas
3. Little or no mistakes that will lead to an untidy work
4. Avoid confusion and overthinking while writing

You have 60 mins for the Writing subtest.
Atleast 45 to 50mins should be allocated for task 2. Plan to start your task 2 first.

Planning is the most important aspect, my people.

This is how I allot my time:
 đź‘‰Planning – 10mins
 đź‘‰Introduction – 5mins
 đź‘‰Body paragraphs – 20mins
 đź‘‰Conclusion – 5 to 10mins
 đź‘‰Review – 5 mins

Then 10-15mins for task 1

If you are fast, you can conclude within 5mins, and use the other 5mins to review your essay.
Making it 45 mins.

Pls dont rush your task 2 just because you heard, “You have 20mins more to the end of the Writing subtest”

So how do you plan??
When planning your essay there are key things you must do..

To plan your essay effectively, you must do the following:

1. Understand the main idea (very important)

2. Note the key words (very important)

3. Generate upto 2-3 synonyms for your key words (imperative)

4. Paraphrase the question or main idea in your head or write down somewhere

5. Take note of what the essay question expects you to do. For eg. The essay type.

6. Generate your ideas (with associated examples)

7. Plan your structure

8. Take a deep breath, stretch your arms and start your essay.

NB: This planning should be done in 10mins max.

Some tutors say, you shouldn’t paraphrase anything in your essay. I bet you, you will struggle if you don’t paraphrase when necessary.

So, this is how the structure of your essay will look like, after planning. 


– first sentence = paraphrased main idea
– second sentence = your position/opinion + reasons/ideas/points ie. answer to the question

How to write a good Introduction

Main body

First Body Paragraph
– your first point/idea
– relevant example

Second Body Paragraph
– your second point/idea
– relevant example

How to write a good body paragraph


– paraphrased introduction +/- recommendation

How to write a good conclusion

You write this plan somewhere, so that when you start your essay it will be your guide.

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