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An alternative source of income for the working class/business people in this period of Stay At Home.

This is a N7,500 to 1 million naira weekly income crescendo beneficiary plan.

Earn while you #StayAtHome & #SelfIsolate

NO compulsory REFERRALS
Through a coordinated TEAM work = Together Everyone Achieves More; as long as you are part of the team, you earn from the team’s efforts.

NO compulsory marketing, product purchases or inventory.

Get your bank account ready for your weekly alerts.

Leave a legacy for your family = earnings transferable to family upon demise.

This program is made possible by The WIP Team in partnership with the lucrative Unique System of Dynamic Movers.

With only N25,000, Choose your package and get back an immediate 100% value of your investment.

The program is designed to help those with entrepreneurial spirit and the ordinary individual to leverage on the activities of experienced business network leaders.

All members of WIP are leveraging on our experiences and the daily activities with the company. In other words, members stand the chance of having a tremendous growth in The Connected Economy!

This program, will be launching 1st May 2020, and is made for all ordinary people in Nigeria and Africa to take advantage and build a rock-solid multi-million dollar network organisation with ease, in preparation for the post COVID-19 global recession.


The Mechanism of TheWIPSys

🤝 You choose any of the enrolment packages depending on your plan.

🛒 Shop Any Of The Packages and Get Your Health Pack Equivalent. Automatically get enrolled.

🛒🛍 N25,000 (Foundation)
🛒🛍 N50,000 (Power Mover)
🛒🛍 N150,000 (Entrepreneurial)
🛒🛍 N600,000 (International Builder)

🤝 You provide any bank account details ready with some personal info of yours.

🤝 We are employing the latest AI technologies in Digital Marketing to massively recruit for the team.

🤝 So, You earn by automated sign ups under you even when you don’t refer or convince anyone.

🤝 Upon enrolment, you are given an Online Data Tracking System accessible by your unique username and password.

🤝 You are also guaranteed an unlimited 247 Free access to an online health advisory.


What Is Expected Of You

✌Promote the TheWIPSys brand online (facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube, Website, etc.)
✌Share/show your Alerts!💰
✌When your friends start getting interested, Connect Them To Us!
✌Use Our Products (Invest In Your Health)

💥Get Started Position.
💥Become A Founder And Lead This Program in Your Area.

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