Studies have shown that, people at that age groups (60 and above) are prone to living with Hypertension, Diabetes, Cancer, Stroke, and other NCDs, which have put too much stress on their overall health. See excerpts from a recent Italian study👇

“A chart review of 355 COVID-19 patients who died in Italy revealed a high percentage with underlying diseases that could have increased their risk of death independently of the infection, the authors said.”

“The mean age of the patient subsample was 79.5 years (standard deviation [SD], 8.1), of whom, only 601 (30.0%) were women. Of all patients who died, 117 (30%) had ischemic heart disease, 126 (35.5%) had diabetes, 72 (20.3%) had cancer, 87 (24.5%) had atrial fibrillation, 24 (6.8%) had dementia, and 34 (9.6%) had had a stroke.”


Keep The Older Adults/Elderly Safe! Indoors! & Socially distanced!