Diabetes mellitus is among the most common disorder in developed and developing countries, and the disease is increasing rapidly in most parts of the world.

It has been estimated that up to one-third of patients with diabetes mellitus use some form of complementary and alternative medicine.

One plant that has received the most attention for its anti-diabetic properties is bitter melonMomordica charantia (M. charantia), commonly referred to as bitter gourd, karela and balsam pear. Its fruit is also used for the treatment of diabetes and related conditions amongst the indigenous populations of Asia, South America, India and East Africa.

Abundant pre-clinical studies have documented in the anti-diabetic and hypoglycaemic effects of M. charantia through various postulated mechanisms.

Anti-diabetic effect of M. charantia

There are many traditional herbal remedies that have been used to treat diabetes in Asia and other developing countries. M. charantia is one of the plants that has been investigated thoroughly for the treatment of diabetes. With the traditional use supported by modern scientific evidence of the beneficial function of M. charantia, it is one of the most promising plants for diabetes today. Investigation of the traditional uses of M. charantia in India revealed that it is one of the most important plant for lowering blood glucose levels in patients with diabetes.

The possible modes of the hypoglycemic actions of M. charantia and its various extracts and compounds are its hypoglycemic effect;

  • insulin secretagogue like effect
  • stimulation of peripheral and skeletal muscle glucose utilisation,
  • inhibition of intestinal glucose uptake,
  • inhibition of adipocyte differentiation,
  • suppression of key gluconeogenic enzymes,
  • stimulation of key enzyme of HMP pathway, and
  • preservation of islet β cells and their functions

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M. charantia exerts its anti-diabetic effect by:

  • Stimulating the pancreas to produce insulin
  • Enhances body cells such as liver and muscles to take up glucose from the blood
  • Reduces absorption of glucose from the intestines

A clinical study has shown that, M. charantia and its extracts can directly regulate blood glucose via two mechanisms.

Firstly, it can regulate how much glucose is absorbed by the gut into the blood following a meal and secondly, it can stimulate glucose uptake into skeletal muscle cells just like insulin.

Moreover, it seems to exert its effect via the same intracellular signaling pathways as insulin in regulating glucose metabolism in the body

Clinical studies of M. charantia

More than 1000 herbal products have been used by diverse cultures of the world to treat hyperglycemia and among them bitter melon (M. charantia) is one of the most popular herbal resource.

An earlier study on the development of diabetic cataracts demonstrated that blood sugar level-dependent cataract formation was slowed down by the consumption of bitter gourd fruit extract in association with better glucose homeostasis.

Lakholia, a physician, was probably the first to document the therapeutic effect of bitter melon in 1956 using himself as the subject.

Today, processed bitter gourd in the form of juice or tablets is commonly advertised and sold. The products are marketed under the brand names Gourdin, Karela, and Glucobetic in Canada, India, the United Kingdom, the United States, and many Asian countries.

Introducing Suwage Juice

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Health Benefits of Suwage Juice

In addition to the bitter gourd, it also contains other well researched ingredients such as, Ashwagandha root ext., Gudmar, Indian blackberry, Aloe vera juice, Tinospora cordifolia, Terminalia bellirica, Terminalia nebula, Embilica officinalis, Fenugreek seeds, Asphaltum and Azadirachta indica, to give the following proven health benefits;

  • Balances blood sugar level
  • Highly effective in Diabetes treatment
  • Contains 11 most powerful herbs in diabetic control
  • Protect cells from being destroyed by HIV-infected T-cells (Good for HIV patients)
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  • Clears free radicals that cause cancer, diseases and other illnesses.
  • Prevent and treat cold, sore throat and fight infections.

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